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Professional online education sites vs non professional ones…

This week is ending in total bliss!… I got excellent news from my students… It started with a message from Melody early yesterday morning… she got her B in oral interaction!… her job offer, which was conditional to getting the required language level of the position, is now official!… I am sure that she is […]

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And they shall have no shame…

Finally I have some spare time to take care of my blog… Lately, requests for training and new students have been pouring in… Not that I am complaining!… Also, many of my trainees have been taking their tests over the past two weeks: it is nerve racking for me as well… then the ensuing long […]

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A Reality Check!…

I am always amazed by true believers… people who, even after having experienced first hand a system that does not work, still believe in miracles. My question is: why do they stick around instead of moving on?… why do they not try and explore other avenues?… I admit it is beyond my understanding… I have […]

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