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Once and for All!…

I cannot believe my last post was in August!… It is probably a sign that I was way too busy to write… indeed I was! Fall brought several contracts with various Departments and, consequently, I am back on the road… I still have many online students but I have to share them with Angèle because […]

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No words can accurately describe such a stupid process!

Okay… I will try my best to soften my language here, though I am tempted to be blunt. Am I angry? Indeed… I am!… For the mere reason that I do care about my trainees’ fate. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the majority of language trainers/coaches out there! Hey! more often their students fail […]

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It is coming on July 30! Fasten your seat belts!!!

Do I have to mention that I have been overloaded with work lately?… I think I did not write a line in the past two months and, believe me, it was not due to me being away on vacation!  I do no longer know what a vacation is indeed!… I really do not know what […]

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