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If you ever wondered about Canada’s 2 solitudes… Watch this!

Now living in Ontario, I miss out on most of the stuff happening in Québec… and it is quite unfortunate! Last Sunday, Dave watched “Tout le monde en parle” on Radio-Canada and he asked me if I had seen the ad on the phoque… I actually had no clue what he was talking about! Therefore, […]

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A bit more Challenging Test… Just for you!

I think you are ready for a challenge… therefore I am raising the bar by inviting you to correct a text! This time, no multiple choices are offered to you and the 10 mistakes are not pointed out! Those mistakes can be almost anything… regular spelling mistakes, but also agreement errors (verbs, adjectives, past participles, […]

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Stop, Rewind the Tape and Say it again or… Move on?

From what I can see in my blog’s stats, many people are landing here after having typed specific search engine terms that are obviously related to SLE within the Public Service of Canada… I guess civil servants are looking for some advice and tips regarding their upcoming tests (reading comprehension, written and oral expression). The […]

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