Virtual FSL Training


La Dame dragon is proud to offer a service to facilitate French Second Language training.

We are offering you the possibility of learning in the comfort of your office or  home at times that suit your hectic schedule… How?… by offering you one-on-one virtual FSL training sessions.

You will have  interactive classes, programs tailored to your specific needs, access to learning materials and much more…

If you are:

  • A Public Service of Canada’s current employee  having been notified that your levels (reading comprehension, written expression and/or oral interaction) will soon expire and you need a serious brush-up/refresher before you will be re-tested because you want to avoid any further full-time training…
  • Someone who applied for a position within the Public Service of Canada and will have to take all three SLE tests to qualify for an interview and you feel that you need to prepare in order to meet the language requirements of that position…
  • Someone who attended French immersion school, but did not use French for quite a while, and you wish to find a job in the Public Service of Canada…
  • Someone who is interested in learning French for work, professional advancement or promotion, business or job opportunities…
  • Someone who is fluent in French yet you feel the need to improve your business writing skills in order to communicate better…

All you need to get started is:


An Internet connection (high speed or DSL)



A webcam and a headset

(if using a built-in or free standing microphone, the use of headphones or earbuds for the audio is HIGHLY recommended  to prevent feedback and/or an echo)


The latest version (10.1 or above) of Adobe Flash Player


Join us for free on


Lyne Des Roberts alias La Dame dragon, FSL Trainer/Coach

Lyne Des Roberts alias La Dame dragon, FSL Trainer/Coach


Pierrette Pelletier, FSL Trainer/Coach


Carole Reeves, FSL Trainer/Coach

Carole Reeves, FSL Trainer/Coach


and… experience the best training ever in our virtual classrooms with all the facilities (and much more) of a real-life classroom!

In the comfort of your home, office or even cottage!…

Also available, for those with very little time left to prepare for the French written expression test, guidelines and study materials focused on ONLY what is needed to tackle and ace the test including:

  • Grammar explanations
  • Vocabulary and expressions used in the test
  • Strategies to apply in various situations
  • Advice and helpful tips
  • My availabilty to answer any questions

To get more info or further details on this new featured service, enrollment and rates, please do not hesitate to contact me … PLEASE, DO NOT ASK FOR HELP BY LEAVING A COMMENT ON THIS PAGE BECAUSE IT IS NOT MONITORED. CLICK ON THE “CONTACT ME” LINK… THANK YOU!





Near the end of January 2009, I was informed that I had been hired by the Canada Border Services Agency. I signed the contract, but my hiring was under the condition that I received a “C” (advanced) on the oral part of the French Second Language Evaluation. While I had attended French immersion, I hadn’t had the opportunity to practice my French in years, so my oral French was extremely rusty.

I found Lyne’s website while researching the test, and signed on to take some course with her. Living in Winnipeg, all courses were held via Skype, on the computer. I took seven classes, and each time, Lyne would put me through real-life examples of what the test would be like. When I made a mistake that may affect my French level, she quickly corrected me. During my sessions with Lyne, my French improved drastically. Once I took the test, I found that I was very comfortable because I knew what to expect. I was also less self-conscious about my level of French, because I knew it had improved. Also, in hindsight, I found Lyne’s tests to be slightly more difficult than the one I took through the government. I passed the test and received my “C” level on my first try.

The cost of a course with Lyne was very reasonable, and had I not taken the time to practice with Lyne, I would not have passed the test on my first try. I recommend Lyne to anybody hoping to pass a government issued French exam.

Sean Best, Communications Officer, The Canada Border Services Agency, Winnipeg (MA), Canada


Lyne helped me achieve my “B” in oral interaction after only a few sessions!

I needed to redo my French qualification. I previously held a “B”, but my qualification was expired and for the last six years, I have spoken French only occasionally and mostly to order food or get directions. I was doing some work on my own, but didn’t really know what to practice for the test or how I needed to improve (I couldn’t really recognize my own mistakes).

The local French instructor assessed my French as NP4 and as I think that equates to an “X”, I was a bit worried!

Lyne was brilliant. I had three sessions with her and she simulated the test during each session, so when I went into the test I knew exactly what to expect. While we were practicing, Lyne gave me some excellent strategies for responding to the different types of questions as well as identifying the most problematic grammar mistakes that I was making and how to fix them. Although each of the sessions was only an hour, Lyne gave me written feedback and I was also able to review the lesson on-line: listen to myself to understand what I was doing wrong and review the on-line notes.

Essentially, Lyne showed me where to put my effort when I was studying and how to best respond to questions during the exam. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who must take the SLE!

Captain Lorri Shether, Human Factors Engineer, AETE, CFB Cold Lake (AL), Canada


As an immigrant, I did not have the chance to get early French immersion. My motivation of learning French is helping my professional development. Lyne really helped me in many aspects, from pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar to structural organization, even if  it was just one week. I quite enjoyed the online courses with Lyne. I’m sure you have come to the right place if you want not only to prepare the exam, but especially to improve your communication capability.

Yong Chang Liu, Montreal (QC), Canada



I first contacted Lyne when I was desperate for help with my upcoming SLE exams. I had no idea what they were like and was extremely nervous about how I would fare. Lyne immediately calmed me down, explaining to me in detail what the tests involved, and how exactly she would help me to prepare. Lyne’s sympathetic reassurance was key in helping me face the tests with the confidence I needed to pass. Our lessons were based around exactly what was needed to ace the tests – no confusing extraneous details. Her humour and patience turned studying for a boring exam into an enjoyable exercise I looked forward to each lesson. With her help, I not only attained the results I needed on the SLE, I actually surpassed them – a feat I owe to her invaluable strategic tutoring. I would immediately recommend Lyne to anyone I knew who was faced with the SLE test, or who was just interested in learning French for fun – Lyne tackles both goals expertly.

Allison Kealty, Policy Analyst, Passport Canada, Ottawa (ON), Canada



I came to Lyne looking for help attaining my “B” levels only a short time ago. In that short period of time, Lyne gave me the proper strategies and focused instruction for me to obtain my “B” levels. Lyne’s teaching style is very focused, but is entertaining at the same time. Lyne will push you to achieve more than what you think you are capable of and for that I am truly thankful.

Neil S. Pittumbur, IT systems Analyst, National Defence, Ottawa (ON), Canada



I first contacted Lyne early in 2009 to help me prepare for my SLE exams in written expression and reading comprehension. I had been a French immersion student, but it had been many years since I had used my French language skills. In just one hour, Lyne was able to provide me with a very good overview of what to expect and how to strategically prepare myself for both exams. She also provided me with outstanding study materials. To my surprise, I achieved the required level “C” for the position – only missing level “E” by three questions on both exams.

A few months later, I was invited to participate in the Oral Interaction exam. I was absolutely panic stricken because I only had one week to prepare. I immediately contacted Lyne for assistance. She was able to run through multiple simulation exercises with me online. It was also very helpful that I was able to download and review the recordings of our sessions. I truly believe that, had I not worked with Lyne’s instruction and advice for these assessments, I would not have passed this exam. Lyne was critical in helping me achieve in excess of the required “C” level for the position – I actually obtained level “E” in oral interaction!

There is no doubt in my mind that there is no better instructor available to help individuals prepare for the SLE exams. Her approach is very strategic and focuses on the critical parts of a student’s development needs – saving individuals both time and money. I would not hesitate to recommend Lyne as a language instructor.

Merci beaucoup Lyne!

Jennifer LaPointe, Human Resources Leader, mabe, Moncton (NB), Canada



A BIG “Thank You” to Lyne for helping me achieve my “E” in my oral interaction exam! I found out about her and first contacted her three days before my exam. I was worried, anxious, and totally unsure about what to expect and how to tackle the exam. Together, we came up with a plan to review and practice the different sections of the exam over the next 3 days.

Lyne is persistent, tough, rigorous, yet friendly, funny and an absolute delight to work with. She has high expectations of her students, and never settles for less. She is there whenever you need her, and will make you sweat and work hard to get you to do your best (thus her well-deserved “Dame dragon” reputation). She notices your weaknesses, and makes it a point of getting you to overcome them before your test. She is quite versed on the oral interaction exam given how she has been helping federal government employees for years and years tackle the SLE exam.

I would recommend Lyne to anyone undergoing the SLE Oral Interaction test and looking to achieve his required level (and even higher just like in my case).

Lyne… you rock!

Mohamed Issa, PhD Candidate, Civil Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton (NB), Canada


Lyne is both a great teacher and an enthusiastic champion of the French language. She refreshed my knowledge of the language, offered guidance and tips for handling the different tests, and she built up my confidence and reassured me prior to the tests. I looked forward to each of our sessions and her instruction was invaluable for succeeding at the PSC language tests.

Christina Towers, Industry Canada/Industrie Canada, Ottawa (ON), Canada


It’s Friday morning 9:00AM… My French oral is scheduled the very following Monday at 11:00AM, so I have only a weekend to study. Needless to point out what a nervous wreck I am. Only 72 hours to make a miracle happen. And that’s exactly what happened when I came across Lyne’s blog. I was reading testimonials on her blog when I came across an individual who appeared to have been in the same boat as I. I immediatly contacted Lyne to see if she could work her magic on me. Born and raised in Montreal to English parents, I did have French background having studied in French schools for most of my life but, as I reside in Toronto, it’s not at all that easy to maintain. I’d previously done the reading & writing exams, for which I obtained levels C and E, but the mere thought of this oral test made my insides shiver. Lyne thankfully agreed to help me out. That very Saturday & Sunday we got to work. Ultimately what she taught me was that no magic was necessary as I had the ability to obtain the grade needed. Lyne is a passionate teacher with tons of personality, allowing you to feel comfortable (à l’aise as she would point out 🙂 ) at once.

If you are one of those people who need to see it to believe it, go ahead and try it yourself. Nothing to lose, but the world to gain. I gained my confidence and a level C. I will definitely be recommending her to peers as thank you is simply not enough.

Danièle Dennis, Administrative Coordinator, Service Canada Call Centres, Toronto (ON), Canada



Lyne is a teacher who takes great pride in her work and truly cares about her students. Before contacting Lyne, I was seeing a private tutor from a very well-known and established French school in Ottawa to prepare for my SLEs. At the school, I felt like a number and just didn’t feel like I was getting enough from my lessons. Shortly after, I contacted Lyne and stopped going to the French school. From my first lesson with Lyne, I knew I was in good hands. I learned a tremendous amount of French in only a short time with her. Lyne is experienced, knowledgeable, sharp and she will give you the push that most students need. I feel very lucky that I was able to find such a great French teacher and would recommend her for anyone looking for help with their SLEs.

Eva Lam, Health Canada, Ottawa (ON), Canada



Twenty years ago I had been considered bilingual, but without speaking French in those years, I lost it. I needed help in brushing up my French in order to achieve the required levels to work in government. I was referred to Lyne through a colleague of mine. My intent at our first session was to do the work to get the required levels, but through the one on one work with Lyne, she helped me rediscover my genuine appreciation for the French language. With Lyne’s constant encouragement, honesty, and practicality, I was able to achieve my goal within a short period of time. What I did not expect was to reignite my interest and enthusiasm for the French language and the desire to continue my exploration of the language. Merci beaucoup Lyne!

Melissa Houston, CGA, Transport Canada, Ottawa (ON), Canada



After only three sessions with Lyne and three weeks of studying during the evenings, I improved my results on the Written Expression and Oral Interaction exams from B‘s to C‘s. The study materials she provided covered all of the most important areas that the Written Expression exam targets. In our virtual sessions, Lyne helped me recognize and avoid the examiners’ favorite traps. For the Oral tests, she helped me break my bad habits, and gave me strategies to “take control”, focusing the discussion on topics I was comfortable with. Thank’s Lyne, you were a great help!

David, Toronto (ON), Canada



Ah Lyne… where does one start with Lyne…

First, I must say that Lyne is unlike your traditional teacher, in so many senses… You just have to meet her to know what I mean! She is certainly everything you have read or heard about: she is demanding and strict. One might even say that she can be mean –  La Dame dragon in every sense of the phrase. However, she is also fun, caring, accommodating and empathetic. So, what is it that makes her so special? One might say that it is her overall knowledge of the SLE exams and the PSC processes. However, I personally respect and appreciate her overall determination to succeed. When her students are preparing for exams, she puts herself into their shoes to assess how to best teach and mentor them, based on their particular learning style. Beyond that, she treats her students with the utmost respect, and makes it her personal goal to see each one succeed; when her students are nervous, she is nervous for them, and when they lack confidence, she gives them the confidence they need to focus on the exams.

I am happy to say that I have not only found my new French Tutor in Lyne (I am continuing to study with her, after passing all of the SLE exams), but a true friend. Merci Lyne, vous êtes une étoile.

Christy DiFelice, directrice, Orchestre symphonique des Jeunes de Toronto, Toronto (ON), Canada



I found La Dame dragon while searching the Internet for tips on how to pass the SLE tests. I decided to go for an assessment, and after our first meeting, I knew that her services would help me tremendously. I was a little apprehensive at the beginning about doing my French lessons online, but honestly it was a great way to learn… and the best part was I didn’t need to leave the house! Lyne has a “no nonsense” approach to teaching which I appreciated and loved.

When my test date arrived I felt 100% prepared, and sure enough I got the B I required.

Now that I’ve got my BBB, it’s time to strive for CCC and I know that when I need help, Lyne will be the first person I contact!

Merci beaucoup Lyne 🙂

Amy Muldoon, A/chief, Procurement and Contracting, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Ottawa (ON), Canada



I would not hesitate to recommend Lyne to anyone preparing for the SLE exams. A few months before taking the oral exam, I came across Lyne’s website and was intrigued by her virtual training method. I immediately began taking courses with Lyne and was impressed by her efficiency and professionalism, combined with a great sense of humour. Her thorough knowledge of the exam and the testing process was invaluable. I felt confident going into the exam knowing what to expect, making the exam seem easier than one of  our practice sessions.

Thanks alot Lyne!

Daniel Standing, Department of Justice Canada, Ottawa (ON), Canada



I had the best experience with La Dame dragon. In just two months, she was able to build the skills and instill the confidence necessary for me to obtain my C levels across the board. She is patient, and a driven educator who will stop at nothing to provide her students with the very best learning programs, tailoring them to each one’s precise needs. She provided all the tools, strategies and support that I needed to ace the oral interaction test. In fact, thanks to her help, I will never have to go through the oral interaction process ever again, as I was able to obtain that most sacred of goals: an exemption from further oral testing. I plan on contacting her again in five years to obtain an E in written expression to complete my set of SLE exemptions.

Merci mille fois Lyne!

Stephen Campbell, Kingston (ON), Canada



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Lyne for your help during all my French training needs. You have been absolutely wonderful, co-operative, pleasant and took a lot of my worries away. I just can’t thank you enough. I am so grateful and lucky to have you as my teacher. I am very happy that I got my B‘s and can’t wait to get started on getting my C‘s now. I will be glad to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for real French training! Your service was absolutely outstanding.


Tammy McGibbon, Program Consultant, Program Development, HRSDC, Ottawa (ON), Canada



Thanks Lyne! I had not studied, or thought in, French for years and when I was suddenly asked to take my SLEs, I found your website. However, your sessions gave me the confidence to realize my true potential. Your patience, and enthusiasm of the French language was fantastic. Without your help, I do not believe that I would have obtained my B. You are terrific at what you do, and I thank you again!

Steven Heard, Passport Officer, Passport Canada, Toronto (ON), Canada



My wife had been to see La Dame dragon (or Lyne as I would come to know her) for some sessions prior to her public service oral interaction. She told me how much help the sessions were. She achieved her B level, and it was obvious to me that the money was well spent. I had received a date for my own oral interaction and had ten days to wait and practice. My wife convinced me to see Lyne in order to maximize my chances of success. I was able to schedule three sessions in the time prior to my interaction. I can honestly say that these were the best three hours of instruction and encouragement that I have experienced in a long time. The lessons were constructive, to-the-point and very useful. The key to the whole process for me, was that Lyne taught me specific strategies on how to approach the test and how to approach answering the questions. The insight and knowledge that I gained was invaluable. I can honestly say that I was originally going into the test with the attitude of “I’ll give it a shot and see what happens”… but after my sessions with Lyne, I was more confident and actually thought I’d have a shot at my B. I got the results a few days after my test, and low and behold I obtained my B level. I owe a huge THANK YOU to Lyne and her methods. I encourage anyone who reads this to use the services of La Dame dragon!

Murray McGibbon, Health and Safety Officer, National Defence, Ottawa (ON), Canada



For anyone preparing for their SLE tests, I highly recommend Lyne as a teacher. I had four weeks to prepare for all three exams (with a BBB requirement), and needed someone who could give me focused, practical help in a short period. Lyne was excellent at highlighting the most relevant skills and giving me a clear sense of what to expect. Her preparation sessions put me in the right frame of mind so I was much more confident when tackling each exam. She is extremely knowledgeable about both French language teaching and the details of the exam process.  With her help, I successfully passed all my exams.  Lyne will push you to do your best while being your greatest supporter. I encourage anyone looking for FSL training to take advantage of Lyne’s expertise.
Tara, Ottawa (ON), Canada


Lyne is great! With her knowledge and experience, she helped me get my B that I needed. She’ll challenge and support you in a professional way that’s infused with her humour. Thanks, Lyne!

Samantha Tong, Vancouver (BC), Canada


As part of the post-secondary recruitment hiring process, I was asked to complete SLE testing.  Knowing that a BBB could expand my eligibility to a much wider and more promising pool of positions, I set about preparing myself for the looming exams.  Frustrated by my futile attempts to prepare independantly, I eventually sought the help of Lyne Des Roberts, whose website I discovered in a moment of despair.  It was one decision that I will never regret.  Lyne calmly and expertly guided me through the labyrinth of SLE testing, built my confidence, and armed me with practical, manageable tips and tools to succeed.  Empowered by her advice and examples, I moved from hopelessness to success, and pulled off an E-B-B!

Shanna Sunley-Anderson, Edmonton (AB), Canada

I found Lyne’s blog and after reading about other students’ experiences with her teaching, I knew I had to get in touch!  I needed to receive a B in the oral exam, and having hardly any experience in speaking French, I was nervous.  Lyne gave me the tools I needed to study, helped me understand the exact format of the exam and gave me the guidance I needed to better prepare.  I went into the exam confident, knowing Lyne’s tutoring was a huge help.  There weren’t any surprises during the exam!  After only 4 lessons, I was able to obtain my B level.  I highly recommend Lyne – she is a fantastic teacher and her services are a valuable investment in a public servant’s career.  Thank you Lyne!

Adrienne Mertin, Communications Officer, Public Affairs, Consultations and Communications Branch, Health Canada, Ottawa (ON), Canada


I‘m so thankful that I found Lyne through her website and decided to visit her over three sessions to prepare for my oral exam. Although I had had a few months to prepare for it, I still did not feel entirely ready for the exam since I was not a government employee and really did not know where I needed to be in order to get a C. Lyne helped me prepare for the exam by simulating its parts and by helping me practice for the presentation part. My sessions with her were invaluable, and she most certainly helped me in obtaining my C! I absolutely recommend seeing her if you live in Ottawa, or signing up for her online courses if you don’t. Her sessions will help you develop the confidence and strategy needed for this type of testing.


Mona Hafez, Ottawa (ON), Canada


Lyne is an invaluable resource not because she knows exactly what type of questions you will be faced with but because she can put her finger on your weaknesses and she will not rest until she feels confident that she has given you the knowledge and mental tools to succeed. The tests are as much about discipline as they are about ability and Lyne knows how to help you combine the two for maximum results.

Bjorn Rutten, LL.B, LL.M., Senior Research Associate, National Security & Public Safety, The Conference Board of Canada, Ottawa (ON), Canada


Dear Lyne, I can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve the levels I needed for my written, reading and oral tests. I found the written test to be difficult and the reading test very long. The oral test was as you had described it, the most difficult of the three tests. It took forever for me to receive my results, but once I did, I could finally relax. I advice all those who are going to take the SLE tests to try language training with Lyne and see the difference.

Your grateful student

FrenchLearner4Life, Brockville (ON), Canada


I decided to ask my managers to send me to be retested for my SLE French exams. I had, at that time, 3 months to prepare. To my surprise, I was offered a bilingual position at another department and I accepted it. This position was dependable on a CBC score. I had already a BBB but after all the changes made in the SLE system in 2008, the exams – in special the oral – are a lot harder. I desperately sought help and could not find anyone or any school specialized on the Federal Government SLE Exams. I came across Lyne’s blog on the internet by accident and decided to give it a try.

Trust me: there is a why Lyne’s nicknamed La Dame Dragon… She IS the best. With only a dozen classes within the period of 6 weeks she was able to transform my rusty BBB‘s into CBC‘s.  And I guarantee you:  should I have had the three full months to prepare as previously planned, I am positive her teaching would have taken me all the way to EEE‘s.

Lyne’s approach, professionalism and personalized teaching dynamics prepares you for everything those exams are. My advice to you: hire her services and you will not regret it. But above all: do EVERYTHING she tells you to. Trust me on that one! 😉

Merci mille fois, Dame Dragon!

S.C., HRSDC, Toronto (ON), Canada

Training with Lyne provides you with the crucial strategies needed to do your best on the PSC’s french language tests.  For me, it was as though I was lost, and Lyne’s training provided me with a road map.  I received a CBC result, and I believe I may have ended up with a BAB without the training.


Jeff P., Gatineau (QC), Canada
I was very lucky that I learned about Lyne’s services just before I was invited for my SLE for a potential position. I already had a B in comprehension, but I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my ability to pass the written or oral portion. Lyne was able to provide me with all the tools to actually pass the written evaluation and, although I was thrilled with finally passing the test, I then had to deal with the anxiety of the oral evaluation. I am certain that I would not have passed this portion without her help. She was able to go over all of the sections of the test and prepared me to ace all of the parts. I felt more and more confident after each time I met with her and, after meeting with her only three times, I was able to get my B! She is amazing at what she does and I plan to meet with her again if ever I need to get my CCC!
Thanks Lyne!


Dorota, Health Canada, Ottawa (ON), Canada

I first found out about Lyne when I was researching information on the Oral SLE exam. I studied French back in High School but lost a lot of my spoken French over the last few years. I knew I would need help if I wished to achieve a B.

Lyne is the best! She really helped me focus on what I needed to do to improve my French so I could pass the test. Each session she would simulate parts of the test and, by doing so, I noticed a remarkable change with my spoken French. If it weren’t for these sessions I would not have achieved my level B. I whole-heartedly recommend registering any amount of sessions with Lyne in order for someone to achieve the level they need.

Kirsten Malis, Receptionist/ID Card Technician, PWGSC, Gatineau (QC)

Thanks to Lyne, I got my C on reading comprehension and oral on my first trial, not knowing a word of French three years ago. I had the chance to know this miracle of a French teacher better than most students through several common friends. Lyne is not your usual French teacher, belonging to a typical Canadian language school, most of whom are new francophone immigrants with no formal language exposure and selected based on their salary demands. Even if you stumble on a rare local, they will not be language or teaching experts. With Lyne it is different. On top of her 21 years of schooling in French language and on methods of teaching adults, she has worked in these fields all of her life (and she is not young 🙂 ). She would have been an ordinarius professor in a French language program of a university but her personal choices took her down another, more dynamic path. I would seriously question the availability of another French teacher in the world, of this caliber, and who is willing, able and passionate to instruct one on one. She specializes on passing the FSL exams with extraordinary results but also provides general French instruction. With La Dame dragon, you will attain your personal high, through her rigor, expertise, and empathic but vigorous push, whether you like it or not, and have a ball while doing it.  Are you up to it?

Corey U., IT Help Desk Analyst, GlaxoSmithKline, Montreal (QC), Canada

After four attempts at the oral French test, each time getting a “B“, and with an opportunity for an Executive position in the Public Service on the line, I was desperate to get a “C“. Fortunately, a friend in a similar circumstance told me about the Dragon Lady and how, thanks to her help, she was able to go from a “B” to a “C“. So, I decided to give La Dame dragon a try, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After just 1.5 hr wonderfully gruelling sessions, all on-line (easy, convenient and effective), I went into the test armed with a whole new set of strategies, a very thorough understanding of what the examiners were looking for and, most importantly, some newfound confidence. The strategies Lyne taught me worked like a charm! I got a “C“, and there is no doubt in my mind that she was the difference-maker!

Brian Lewis, Aerospace Engineer, Department of National Defence, Ottawa (ON), Canada

When I came across Lyne’s website I only expected a good opportunity to practice my spoken French before my oral test – since this was for a competition I hadn’t had much notice. Thank goodness I found her and was able to schedule 2 sessions before the exam as she was able to really prepare me for the format of the oral exam as it currently stands. As Lyne says: “this is not a conversation” and thankfully she provides you with the tools and practical steps that help you ensure you stay in control of the situation. I was hoping for a B and I actually got a C, something that I honestly believe would not have been possible without Lyne’s resources and preparation. I would highly recommend Lyne to ensure you are well prepared for your Federal government French language tests.

Lora Ricci, Ottawa (ON), Canada

Lyne was a wonderful guide through the Second Language Evaluation process. She helped to familiarize me with the testing format and allowed me to enhance my skills enough that I received an even higher result than I had hoped for. In addition, her educational materials are very helpful and concise. I would recommend her coaching to anyone interested in strengthening their French reading, writing or speaking capabilities!

Rebecca St.Pierre, Senior Financial Analyst, Corporate Accounting & Reporting Directorate, HRSDC, Gatineau (QC), Canada

Lyne really understands the way government French testing works. She has the ability to show you exactly what you need to know in order to be successful. She has a welcoming personality and is very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any one of my colleagues.

Thanks Lyne 🙂

Cyndi Vaughan, Ottawa (ON), Canada

I was trying to study for the Oral French SLE exam and came across Lyne’s website. At first, I was a bit  skeptical because I knew there was a great deal of variation in instructors who specialized in preparing people for these kinds of exams. She patiently answered all of my questions and was not pushy in any way. I only had a few weeks to prepare for this exam and a lot rested on my doing well. I was applying for a government position and my chances of winning the competition depended largely on this last exam. Lyne coached me extensively and provided me with high quality on-on-one mentorship that was invaluable. I went into the exam needing and expecting a B but walked out with a C grade!!! Even though I had received French education in school,  there is no way I would have done as well on my own. I owe a lot to this lady for her guidance and tutoring and am definitely recommending her to my friends and family. While you definitely have to do your part to do well on the oral exam, you stand a much better chance of achieving you goal with Lyne in your corner… she provides a very high calibre of instruction and is truly a cut above the rest. I’ll be back, Lyne !!!

R.S., Ottawa (ON), Canada

I first found Lyne during a search about the French Oral Proficiency exam. I had already written and passed the comprehension and written exams and was given two weeks notice to prepare for the oral test. While I had taken French Immersion, it had been almost 15  years since I used the language on a regular basis and I had never used my French in a work setting before.

Since I am located in Calgary, French training resources aren’t as readily available as they are in the Eastern provinces. While I was searching for something that would help me quickly brush up on my skills, I found Lyne’s Virtual FSL Training program. I contacted her immediately and she scheduled me for two 1.5 hour sessions during the evenings.

Those sessions were exactly what I needed. Lyne provided me with some great study materials to work with and the simulation exercises allowed me to go into the test with confidence. I was originaly striving for a B level in my oral interactions and ended jup coming out with a C thanks to Lyne’s fantastic tutorial.

I would definitely recommend Lyne to anyone who is looking for language testing preparation, especially for those people who live in areas where FSL training isn’t easily accessible.

Andrea Hardie, National Energy Board, Calgary (AB), Canada

I can not say enough about Lyne’s services.

When I found her website, I was desperate for help. I had just found out that I would be testing for my B oral level in French for a job competition in three weeks and did not feel that I would pass the exam.

From the first session, Lyne put me at ease and took charge, finding my weaknesses right away and focusing in on them. She knew exactly what I needed to do in order to pass. I only had enough time to have four sessions and I can honestly say that I learned more in that short time period than I did in the 1.5 years I spent in group courses.

After working with Lyne, I was able to feel confident in speaking my second language at the required skill level and passed the exam on the first try.

I will definitely be contacting Lyne when I need to study for my C level.

Lyne, I can not thank you enough for invaluable knowledge!

Krys, Ottawa (ON), Canada

After 30 months of full time training – and eight tries at the oral exam – I was at risk of losing my position. I desperately needed help.

Twenty hours with Lyne and I am a freshly minted Level C. If you are in a region and trying to get a Level C, you absolutely need Lyne – not to replace the CSPS (which does a superb job of developing your ability to read, write and speak French) but to get yourself ready to face what this really all comes down to – passing the oral exam. Lyne’s approach works, period.

Tom Saunders, Winnipeg (MA), Canada

As part of a job posting process, I was required to achieve a B on the Test of Oral Proficiency in French. My French was “rusty” to say the least as I hadn’t spoken French in over 10 years. A friend of mine recommended La Dame dragon. I had two sessions with Pierrette and I can honestly say that, without her assistance, I never would have achieved the B. Pierrette simulated the test in both sessions and provided me with solid feedback and strategies to help me succeed. She was extremely thorough and patient. I would recommend Pierrette to anyone looking for assistance with the Governement second language testing.

Thank you!

Crystal M., Ottawa (ON), Canada

In my determination to secure a position in the Public Service, I had applied to many selection processes, many of which required a B level in oral French. I took a French course that ran twice a week in a small classroom setting that said it was focused on the federal oral B examination. It allowed me to brush up a little on my French and practice generally speaking French. However, after going through testing and interviews in a selection process and making it to the last stage – the oral exam – I only received a level A! I was very disappointed.

Fortunately, I had a few other selection processes on the go. I asked around at work and one of my colleagues recommended Lyne. I contacted her and we began on-line sessions. The first session, she was very honest with me and told me I had lots of work to do if I wanted to get my B! I felt discouraged at first but, by the end of the first session, I knew tutoring with Lyne was worth every penny – she is excellent!!! She can write corrections on the whiteboard in WizIQ as you are speaking, and simulates the four parts of the oral exam. My weakness the first time around had been the presentation section because I had trouble thinking of an example on the spot. Lyne was extremely strategic in her coaching, going through many different examples of possible presentation topics so that I was prepared and had a scenario ready to use. Five weeks and five sessions with Lyne later, I had an opportunity to re-take the French oral exam for another selection process and this time I successfully received my level B!!! I was thrilled and offered the position.

Thanks Lyne!! 🙂

Amanda R., Ottawa (ON), Canada

I am a federal public servant currently on an overseas posting. I contacted Lyne last spring, as my results on all three public service French tests had expired and I was preparing to be retested. Expecially because I was living and working in a third language, both my confidence and abilities in French had suffered. I was looking for a French teacher who was familiar with the current public service exams (the format of all three exams had changed since I was las tested in 2005) and who could help me prepare from a distance.

I found Lyne through her website and was immediately attracted to her pragmatism and sytematic approach. In addition, because she teaches through an online classroom, our geographic separation was irrelevant. I took ten classes with Lyne over the course of several months and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a skilled teacher, with in-depth knowledge of the requirements of public service second language testing. The resources she provided were extremely useful and I found her lessons to be focused, effective and concrete.

By the date of my exams, I felt well prepared and confident. Thanks to Lyne, I received levels E/C/C, and was points away from the exemption on the written and oral exams. Un grand merci à un excellent professeur!

Meaghan P., Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

I found La Dame dragon by accident. I was looking for any help. My exams were in a week. A national school had assessed me as needing 100 hours to get Level B.

What La Dame dragon gave me was way more than “any” help. The on-line sessions were intensive and focused on the oral exam. The written material proved invaluable in the writing exam (spot the tricks and traps). And, after just four on-line hours with Pierrette (and a lot of self study to be sure), I passed all three exams.

Try La Dame dragon‘s way. It works.

David M., Ottawa (ON), Canada

More testimonials here

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