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With My Compliments…

In the same spirit as the wallpaper for iPhones and BlackBerries I am giving away, here is an original May 2009 Calendar signed marti garaughty you  may download as a wallpaper for your desktop or laptop monitor… To add this wallpaper to your monitor… Place your mouse on the image (1024 x 768) below Then click […]

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Expressions and Birds…

Today Marina went for her oral interaction test in English… her appointment was at 2:30 pm, therefore I will have to wait until tomorrow before I hear from her… hopefully everything went well!… Then, once again, it will be the painful waiting… speaking of waiting, Alicia never got back to me with her reading comprehension […]

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Earth Week…

April 22 was Earth Day yet I think we must not forget to take care of our planet every single day… To help you remember, I am giving away a marti garaughty‘s original wallpaper for iPhones and BlackBerries that you can download for free… Special thanks to the artist who let me use his design in this […]

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