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When you are Resolute to Wear your French Hat!

Only one day left in 2008… I often wonder “where did time go?”… Many things occurred this past year and I met some wonderful people… most of them are students: Susan, James, Alice, Seema, Jessica, Jay, Jenn… Speaking of my students… Seema and her daughter, Sam, left for India three weeks ago to visit their […]

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Idéals, Idéaux ou… les deux?…

Now that Christmas is behind us, it is time to get back to our little tests…  But, do not worry, I chose something quite easy for you to do today! We all know the rule saying that most nouns/adjectives ending in -al in French change to -aux when turned into plural. Of course, like any […]

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They Were Doing so Great!… What about in January?

The end of the year… For me, professionally, it always scares me a little… Why? Because most of my students take at least one week off and they usually do not get any exposure to French during the Holidays. Of course, they always plan to keep up with it… but… do they? Experience taught me […]

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